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Package: 3 day(s) Wine and adventure weekend in Cochem

D-56812 Cochem, Rhineland-Palatinate
01.04.16 - 01.11.17, Day of arrival: Fri  , for 8 - 200 persons

from 179.00 €

Package: 3 day(s) Fröhliches Moselwochenende in Treis-Karden

D-56812 Cochem, Rhineland-Palatinate
01.04.16 - 01.11.17, Day of arrival: daily, for 4 - 100 persons
2 x Accomodation in 2** Standard Hotel, 1 x lunch  , 2 x Diner, 1 x Welcome Drink, 2 x Other event, 2 x Shipping tour...

185.00 €

Package: 4 day(s) Rhine in Flamen

D-56812 Cochem, Rhineland-Palatinate
01.05.16 - 01.12.17, Day of arrival: daily, for 10 - 500 persons
3 x Accomodation in 3*** Comfort Hotel Hotel, 2 x Diner, 1 x Tasting, 1 x Guided city walk, 1 x Shipping tour, 1 x Music event  ...

from 159.00 €

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